Ikoni Innovations develops consumer-oriented – both family-centric and personal – proactive & preventative mobile applications for advancing dental health.

Just as everyone has a toothbrush in the bathroom, almost all of us have a smartphone always with us, as an integral part of everyday life. This is why mobile is our platform of choice: it’s a natural extension to all that we do.

Our focus in advancing dental health through smart and educative mobile applications may be narrow, but it is deep: dental health and dental health issues are mostly universal. That makes our applications relevant to everyone – from children to the elderly – with a global reach.

What we do?
  1. Fun Learning
    Fun Learning
    We create applications that provide educational entertainment through game-based interaction. Our applications inspire while eliciting commitment to learning.
  2. Pro Applications
    Pro Applications
    We design applications for healthcare professionals, facilitating their work to help them save time on procedures.
  3. Smart Health
    Smart Health
    We produce smart eHealth mobile solutions with comprehensive services for advancing health and well-being.
Denny® The Tooth

The app provides educational and entertaining activities for children: activities that are engaging and fun. Denny encourages children to adapt healthy habits and teaches them how to take proper care of their teeth.

Denny​® Timer

The app is a fun and assistive timer for brushing teeth: it is a visual, animated guide that shows how to brush teeth properly and thoroughly during the recommended 2-minute time.

The intelligent app combines information, products and services seamlessly into one mobile service – with user needs and guidance in the focus. Denny®Care gives individual and proactive dental care advice for its users.

The pro application is made for dentists to help them in the treatment of children, who have a fear of going to the dentist. Denny®Pro invokes child's imagination through visual story telling to alleviate fears.